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  1. Telkens als ik iets op tpb kies dan krijg ik onderstaande, heb t niet aangedurft het te installeren:

    This download is now FREE

    Get free access to this site with SnappyDee and BasicScan.

    How does it work?

    The SnappyDee offer engine provides you FREE and unlimited access to thousands of TV shows and movies at snappydee.com. Based on keywords from your browser, SnappyDee will show you labeled advertisements in a separate browser window or a temporary slider. BasicScan will be your address bar search provider View EULA.

    WhiteSmoke and SnappyDee can be easily uninstalled from the "Add or Remove Programs" control panel.

    To use Whitesmoke you will be installing the toolbar into your Internet ExplorerTM, FirefoxTM, or Google ChromeTM browser, and you will make WhiteSmoke your default search and your homepage. The toolbar interface is powered by Conduit who asks that you accept their Terms and Conditions, EULA and Content Policy

    Install the Whitesmoke toolbar (Recommended).

    By clicking "Start", I represent that I (1) am at least 18, (2) agree to the SnappyDee EULA and Privacy Policy and (3) consent to install SnappyDee, BasicScan and, if selected WhiteSmoke and access www.piratereverse.info.

    Cancel StartClick "Start" to install SnappyDee and access this website for free.

    Ik kan dit niet omzeilen, iemand een idee??

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