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The Amazing Spider-Man

Het onvertelde verhaal begint.

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Spider-Man / Peter Parker
Gwen Stacy
The Lizard / Dr. Curt Connors
Captain Stacy
Rajit Ratha
Richard Parker
Flash Thompson
Peter Parker (Age 4)
Jack's Father
Helen Stacy
Store Clerk
Cash Register Thief
Missy Kallenback
Physics Nerd
School Librarian
Nicky's Girlfriend
Car Thief Cop
OsCorp Intern
Rodrigo Guevara
Howard Stacy
Philip Stacy
Simon Stacy
Construction Worker
Taxi Driver
Police Officer with Sketch
Police Officer
Officer (SWAT)
Sheila (Subway)
Subway Guy
Newscaster (News Chopper)
Second Girl (Subway)
Man in the Shadows
Scientist (uncredited)
Lab Technician (uncredited)
Billy Connors (uncredited)
Cheerleader (uncredited)
Goth Girl (uncredited)
Tina (uncredited)
Alfie (uncredited)


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