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Nieuw overzicht voor het nieuws op Duken.nl

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We zijn wezen stoeien met de template en het overzicht van de laatste nieuwsberichten ziet er een stuk beter uit. Ook de inhoud van de nieuwsberichten is aangepast op de vernieuwde layout. Zie


en bijvoorbeeld:

Wat vinden jullie ervan? Iemand nog op of aanmerkingen? :)

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Dank je wel @reneetje1969:D

Het handleidingen overzicht maar ook een handleiding ziet er nu een stuk mooier uit. Minder een "forum" ding maar echt als een artikel.



Heel blij mee! 

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    • Door Duken
      Duken.nl zal binnenkort updaten naar versie 4.3.x
      Daarin zitten weer veel nieuwe features, hier de hoogtepunten. (In het Engels, dat wel  )
      Some highlights in Invision Community 4.3 include...
      Improved Search
      We now support Elasticsearch for scalable and accurate searching that MySQL alone cannot provided. There are also enhancements to the overall search interfaces based on your feedback.

      Express yourself with native emoji support in all editors. You can also keep your custom emoticons as you have now.
      Emoji has become a standard across mobile and desktop devices so it made sense to bring them to Invision Community fully.
      You can choose from 3 different styles of Emoji:
      The native style provided by the user's operating system (if you choose this option, users on different platforms will see different styles) Twitter style EmojiOne style
      Emoji Settings
      Once you have chosen one of these options, all of the available Emoji will show in the emoticons selector when making a post. Unlike in older versions, the entire list is scrollable (the categories drop down will jump you to the category rather than filter), you can search, and standard Emoji features like skin tone modifiers are fully supported, and of course, you can make them as big as you like.

      Navigating Emoji

      Skin Tone Modifier

      Make Emoji any size
      Autocompleting Short Codes
      In addition to using the selector, you can also use optionally enable standard :short_codes:. These will be autocompleted as you type.

      Autocompleting Short Codes
      You can also enable more conventional ASCII emoticons to be automatically replaced too:

      ASCII Short Codes
      Don't Worry: Custom Emoticons Aren't Going Anywhere!
      You can use custom emoticons either instead of, or even alongside Emoji. If you give your custom emoticons a text replacement starting and ending with : they will even show in the autocompletion alongside Emoji.

      Custom Emoticons
      Member Management
      The AdminCP interface to manage your members is all new allowing you easier control and management of your membership.

      Automatic Community Moderation
      You as the administrator set up rules to define how many unique member reports a piece of content needs to receive before it's automatically hidden from view and moderators notified.

      The new Clubs feature has been a huge hit with Invision Community users and we are expanding it to include invite-only options, notifications, exposure on the main community pages, paid memberships, and more.
      Custom Email Footers
      Your community generates a lot of email and you can now include dynamic content in the footer to help drive engagement and content discovery. 
      New Gallery Interface
      We have reworked our Gallery system with a simplified upload process and more streamlined image viewing.
      The full list follows. Enjoy!
      Content Discovery
      We now support Elasticsearch which is a search utility that allows for much faster and more reliable searching. The REST API now supports search functions. Both MySQL and Elasticsearch have new settings for the admin to use to set search-defaults and default content weighting to better customize search logic to your community. Visitors can now search for Content Pages and Commerce Products. When entering a search term, members now see a more clear interface so they know what areas they are searching in and the method of search. Member Engagement
      Commerce can now send a customizable account welcome email after checkout. You can whitelist emails in the spam service to stop false-positives. REST API has many enhancements to mange members. Ability to join any OAuth service for login management. Invision Community can now be an OAuth endpoint. Wordpress OAuth login method built in. Support for Google's Invisible ReCaptcha. Groups can be excluded from Leaderboard (such as admins or bot groups). All emails generated by Invision Community can now contain admin-defined extra promotional text in the footer such as recent topics, Our Picks, and more. Admins can now define the order of Complete Your Profile to better control user experience. Clubs
      Option to make a Club visible but invite-only Admins can set an option so any Club a member is part of will also show in the parent application. So if you are in a Club that has a Gallery tab then those image will show both in the Club and in the main Gallery section of the community. Club members can now follow an entire Club rather than just each content section. There is a new option on the Club directory page for a list view which is useful for communities with many Clubs. If you have Commerce you can now enable paid memberships to Clubs. Admins can set limits on number of Clubs per group. If a group has delete permission in their Club, they can now delete empty containers as well. Members can ignore invitations. Moderation and Administration
      Unrestricted moderator or administrator permission sets in the AdminCP are visually flagged. This prevents administrator confusion when they cannot do something as they will be able to quickly see if their account has restrictions. You can choose to be notified with a new Club is created. Moderators can now reply to any content item with a hidden reply. Download screenshot/watermarks can now be rebuilt if you change settings. Support for Facebook Pixel to easily track visitors. Moderators can now delete Gallery albums. Automatic moderation tools with rules to define when content should auto-hide based on user reports. Totally new member management view in AdminCP. More areas are mass-selectable like comments and AdminCP functions for easier management. New Features
      Commerce now has full Stripe support including fraud tools, Apple Pay, and other Stripe features. Commerce packages can now have various custom email events configured (expiring soon, purchased, expired). Full Emojii support in the editor. Setting so when someone is typing in an editor, other members will see a "Member X is typing..." status in the editor view. Complete overhaul of the Gallery upload and image views. Announcements system overhaul. Now global on all pages (not via widget) and new modes including dismissible announcements and top-header floating bar option. Many new reports on traffic and engagement in the AdminCP. Blog has new view modes to offer options for a traditional site blog or a community multi-member blog platform. The content-starter can now leave one reply to Reviews on their item. Commerce now makes it much easier to do basic account-subscriptions when there is no product attached. Useful Improvements
      Forums has a new widget where you can filter by tags. If tags are not required, the tag input box now indicates this so the member knows they do not have to put in tags. Member cover photos can now be clicked to see the full image. Any item with a poll now has a symbol on the list view. Twitch.tv embed support. You can now update/overwrite media in the Pages Media Manager. Mapbox as an additional map provider to Google Maps. Technical Changes
      Direct support for Sparkpost has been removed. Anyone currently using Sparkpost will automatically have their settings converted to the Sparkpost SMTP mode so your email will still work. Your cache engines (like Redis) will be checked on upgrade and in the support tool to ensure they are reachable. Third-party applications will now be visually labeled to distinguish them from Invision Community official applications. The queued tasks list in the AdminCP is now collapsed by default as queued tasks are not something people need to pay much attention to during normal operations. When upgrading from version 3 series you must convert your database to UTF8 and the system saves your original data in tables prefixed with orig. The AdminCP now alerts you these are still present and allows you to remove them to reclaim storage space. On new installs there are now reasonable defaults for upload limits to keep people from eating up storage space. Categories in all apps (forums, gallery albums, databases, etc.) no longer allow HTML in their titles. This has been a concern both in terms of security and usability so we were forced to restrict it. Large improvements to the Redis cache engine including use for sessions. The login with HTTPS option has been removed and those who were using it will be given instructions to convert their entire community to HTTPS. Images loaded through the proxy system now honor image limits for normal uploads.
    • Door Draakie
      Heren en dames,
      We hebben een nieuwe feature live op Duken.nl (we hadden hem al beter maar een test versie..) nu hebben we een volledige plakbriefjes mogelijkheid  
      Plakbriefjes maken het mogelijk om elkaar ergens van op de hoogte te stellen of even een kort berichtje achter te laten. 
      Een plakbriefje maak je via:

      Een overzicht van je ontvangen en verzonden plakbriefjes vind je hier:

      Een plakbriefje ziet er zo uit:

      Veel plezier!
      Heb je nog vragen of opmerkingen, dan horen wij het graag!  
      Nu lekker plakken!
    • Door Duken
      In dit topic houden we jullie op de hoogte van forum upgrades. Alle eventuele toekomstige versies tot 4.2.* vallen in dit topic.
      Bij een upgrade kan het forum trager aanvoelen ivm de heropbouw van de cache.
      Zojuist een upgrade uitgevoerd van 4.2.2 maar 4.2.3
      This includes a security patch and we recommend you upgrade as soon as possible.
      4.2.3 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.2.
      Please note if you use https in the AdminCP, but not on the front-end, the auto-upgrade process may not work correctly. You should download this update from the client area and upgrade manually.
      Also included: 4.2.2
      4.2.2 is a maintenance release that fixes issues identified in 4.2.1 and:
      A new extraction process to make auto-upgrades more robust
      The upgrade system will do a check of all files to ensure they are up to date before proceeding
      Security Notice
      This release also contains security enhancements to prevent possible XSS and increase protections on account management functions. It is recommended you upgrade to ensure the security on your Community.
    • Door Draakie
      Dat was spannend, de site heeft een grote upgrade gehad . Er zijn nieuwe mogelijkheden geïmplementeerd waardoor onder andere de snelheid van de website omhoog is gegaan. Er zijn veel nieuwe features welke voor de bezoekers en leden direct zichtbaar zijn. We draaien vanaf heden op de nieuwe Invision 4.2 software. 
      Hier volgt een samenvatting van de nieuwe mogelijkheden op de website. Wij hopen dat dit zorgt voor nog meer interactiviteit tussen de leden en een nog betere ervaring voor iedereen. 
      Een van de grote vernieuwingen zijn clubs binnen de website. Een club zijn sub-groepen binnen de website. Dit kunnen privé clubs, openbare clubs of gesloten clubs zijn. Leden kunnen hier zelf een club aanvragen, beheren en aangeven wie wel of niet mag en kan lid worden. Meer informatie over Clubs vind je hier.
      Voorbeeld van Clubs:

      Een mooie toevoeging is naast het "vind ik leuk" aangeven van een post is dat je nu ook kan aangeven of je een post juist heel grappig vind, vreemd of juist iemand wilt bedanken.

      Content promoten
      Als er goede berichten of content wordt geschreven kan dit wel eens verdwijnen tussen de grote stapel met berichten en nieuws. Leden hebben nu de mogelijkheid om goede content te "promoten". Deze content zal dan automatisch op de sociale media kanalen worden gezet en wordt binnen de website in het "zonnetje" gezet. 

      Kopiëren en plakken van bestanden en afbeeldingen
      Geen gedoe meer met een upload knop maar je kunt nu bestanden slepen of kopiëren vanaf je eigen desktop naar de website. Het is een kwestie van slepen of copy/past zoals je ook gewend bent van je eigen Operation system.

      Naast de bovenstaande vernieuwing zijn via de onderstaande links (Engels) alle nieuwe mogelijkheden te lezen en te zien. 
      Leaderboard Enhancements Richer Embeds Group Promotion Improvement Fluid Forum View Member History Editor Uploading Improvements Authy Integration Commerce Improvements New REST API Endpoints Gallery Improvements Statistic Reporting Copy Topic to Database Downloads Index Page Blog Sidebar Promoting Content Clubs Reactions Calendar Venues Social Sign In Streamlining Calendar Add Similar Event Gallery Lightbox Navigation Letter Profile Photos SEO Improvements Device Management Delayed Deletes Calendar Event Reminders Content Messages Recommended Replies Complete Your Profile Als jullie tips, feedback hebben of problemen / fouten tegenkomen horen we dit graag in de reacties. Dan kunnen we deze verhelpen zodat de gebruikers ervaring bij iedereen goed blijft.
      Veel plezier met de vernieuwingen op de website.

      Toon volledig nieuwsbericht

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